FPP and touring plan

We are going to be in Disney for the first week of March. We will be making our FPP selections next week. Eeeeek! For Magic Kingdom, is it better to tour without FPP for the first few hours, then use FPP after that OR make the FPP reservations starting at 9:30 and every hour after. We would then hope for same day FPP. The park closes at 8 and crowd level is 6. Hope this is clear. Any help would be appreciated as I am starting to panic…

I like to make my 7DMT FPP at 9 or 9:30. Then the rest one after another. I don’t get in the line for 7DMT until right at the end of the FPP window. At rope drop we do as much as possible, then start hitting the FPP and mixing in a few other. MK is especially a great park for extras! So I like to book early to get extras. There are a million different answers to this question. :wink:

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