FPP and Touring Plan help, please!

Hey, everyone! You have all been so helpful in planning our trip so I am coming back to you guys again since fpp day is 2 weeks away and I want to make sure I am ready to go! I also would love if anyone would like to go over our plans and make sure I’m not leaving anything important out! I have an almost 4-year-old and a 1 and a half year both boys. This is our first major trip we have all (except for the 1-year-old) only ever been to Magic Kingdom so we are very excited and I want to find the perfect balance between doing as much as we can while not overdoing it. I would love advice on what we should get fpp for and if there is anything I need to include. Also, I want to know if these plans are realistic or if I need to allow more time for anything.

Here are our plans:
Saturday Epcot:
FPP FEA? Any other suggestions?

Sunday Mk Day 1
I have the parade package booked at Tony’s but I am considering dropping it because I also have a reservation at 4 for 1900 Park Fare. Would that be a better option?
FPP Peter Pan’s Flight

Monday I have HDDR booked

Tuesday Animal Kingdom
I am hoping to get fpp for safari and FOP what would be best 3rd option?

Wednesday Hollywood Studios
We are doing EMM for Toy Story Land. We want to do Jingle Bell Jingle Jam that night so I do have us going back for a break that afternoon. This will be our only late night.

Thursday Free Day

Mk Day 2 I have a lot of free time in the afternoon that I plan on using for anything we want to do again or anything we have missed.

Thank you so much for your help!

Saturday - two TS meals within 6 hours seems a little much to me, but YMMV. Also, no WS? No Figment?

Sunday - Tony’s isn’t great, and you don’t need special seating for parade - you’ll be fine without it. Plus 1900 PF is WAY more fun. Catch the parade and head over! Probably even have time to stop on the way out and meet Micky or Tink in Town Square! Otherwise plan looks great. This must be a very low crowd day.

Monday - nice low key day and HDDR is a perfect way to spend day 3 after touring two days.

Tuesday - AK is BIG. And the pathways are winding and often feel congested even on not busy days. I would definitely try to chunk things more by location here. You are criss-crossing a lot. I would probably do KS when you’re over that way for Tusker and Gorilla Falls, then try to hit FOTLK. Also Boneyard is kind of an “active break” so I would do it at a time not right after you’ve just been sitting for your meal.

Wed - starting at ABC Commissary confuses me - unless this is where they are serving the EMM breakfast? If it’s a placeholder I’d put it closer to TOT (maybe use Rosie’s as the placeholder?) No Fantasmic? Maybe back to TSL after dinner?

Thurs - again, love the placement of the free day. This is my ideal, always. Park park rest, park park rest. Love it! Planning to be resort-based?

Fri - looks great. Again, must be very low crowds? You’ve packed a lot in without it being overwhelming and you still have the afternoon free!

I want to fit in ws but I’m also not wanting a late night, so I’m torn. I should add figment!

It is supposed to be a cl 1 both of our mk days! My son loves Peter Pan so he would love to meet Tink!

I was worried about AK and all of the walking. I just optimized and that’s what it came up with I’ll have to move things around for sure!

I blocked time for Emm that is where they are serving breakfast. I’m afraid Fantasmic will scare my boys. My son watched a video of it and said it was scary. I plan to do jingle bell jingle jam but didn’t see it to add to plans.

On Thursday we may do a Disney Springs day. I have family that live in the area so wanted a complete day to visit with them. We do have Bon Voyage booked but I’m unsure. I’m pretty much questioning all of my Adrs at this point.

I’m excited about all the free time on Friday!

Thank you so much for your help!

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I always optimize, but first I change the slider to LESS WALKING. That will keep you from criss crossing the park. Then after I do that I shuffle things around one at a time to see the effect; if I don’t like it I put it back.

That’s what I wondered about breakfast. And if it will scare them, it can be saved for the future.

Disney Springs is fabulous!!

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