This is a question regarding the number of days of FPP MDE will let you make. We bought 6 days of tickets for our family of 5 through UT. We were able to get a late flight coming home so we now have the option to spend 3/4 of a day in a park the day we are checking out. If we decide to do this, we assume this means adding an extra day to our ticket the first day we are in the parks. But when can we make FPP selections for this extra day (one more than than the number of tickets we all have) - at our 60 day window or do we need to wait until we have the extra day added to our MDE account before making the last day’s FPP selections?

You can only make FPP for the number of days you have tickets for in MDE. So if you have 6 day tickets you can only make 6 days of FPPs.


Thanks for the clarification.

We had this same situation… had 7 day tickets but added two extra days. We had to wait to make FPP until we got to the parks and added the extra days.

From a planning perspective, that meant I couldn’t make FPP for two of our park days. I opted not to make FPP for our 2nd EPCOT day, and our last day in the parks, which was split between EPCOT and MK.

At 6 or 7 days out, you will be able to get many useful FPP in the MK (just no 7DMT and maybe bad times for PP), and EPCOT FPP are pretty easy to come by for anything except FEA with 5 or 6 days notice…

Just some considerations for planning which days not to make FPP for.


Separate question on this topic. We are off property this time, and I’ve never done FPP reservations as an off property guest.

I know that we get the 30 day registration window and that we can only do one day at a time, but how does MDE know when we are allowed to reserve? Since we have no room reservation, we don’t have dates associated with my MDE account right now.

Do I need to do anything in particular?

No. Apart from linking your tickets to MDE.

Let’s say you linked tickets tonight.

If you wanted, you could book FPs using the tickets for next week. And then you would be able to book for however many days you have tickets for, within 14 days of the first day you booked for.

So when you actually start booking your FPs, and assuming you have tickets that are valid for 14 days from first use, you will be able to book for any days within 14 days of the first day.

That’s what I thought - just like to know for sure when I have seen it in action for myself.

This will at least be useful when I’m teaching my mom how to do fast passes. Will actually be able to click and see things to show her how the system works.