FPP 9:30 Lion King?

I just realized I have a FPP fo Festival of the Lion King for 9:30 but the first show is not until 10:00? Confused, do i need to be there 1/2hr early with a FPP?

You probably don't have to,but you probably should to get better seats. when we used our FFP we got there about 20 min early and there was already a line in the FFP line.

Ok thanks, I wonder what time people have to get there without a FPP?

The FPP window is 9:30-9:50 for the 10:00 show. I believe that with FPP you are allowed into the theater first, and get first choice of seats. I think getting there at 9:50 will be just fine (that is my plan for the same situation).