Fp4me musing

Does anyone know if it would be possible for users to share Fp4me accounts if trips do not overlap? Since they aren’t accepting new users (been on waitlist since May…), I was wondering if the interface allowed email or phone number changes for notification purposes, which could eventually be reverted back after the sharing persons trip ends?

Not feeling so hot about our chances for 60 day FP as our trip is so short :confounded: so just dreaming about the possibilities. Wish TP could come up with a similar feature!

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So it is generally only email notifications unless you set up an IFFT and unfortunately it doesn’t let you change the email address.

If it is any consolation, I think for my 7 day trip, it only helped me with one FPP and I actually ended up modifying that one again on my own without using the site.

What passes are you trying to get on which days? Perhaps people can help provide some strategy and feedback on best alternatives if you can’t get your first choices.

It may work if you have someone set up a notification for your needed FP on their account, and then set up a zapier text notification with your phone number on it? So you wouldn’t get an email but you would get a text…someone correct me if this will not work…

If you use Outlook for your emails, you can set up rules, so like if an email comes through with a certain subject line, or from a certain email address, Outlook will automatically perform an action, such as moving that email to a specific folder, or replying to it or forwarding it.

I reckon this could work

My FP day is Friday, we’ll see how it goes and how I go modifying on my own. Did I hear correctly that sometimes there is success the night before the park day or early AM hours same day?

Absolutely! How big is your party, what are you most worried about getting?

Also do you know about the modify and refresh trick?

I mean having the FPPs in advance is great, but I have on very very rarely not been able to pick up a same day pass that I wanted - even with a party of 5 on MLK weekend in CL10 parks.

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Our party is small! For some rides we will only be booking for one and will get a RS for the other adult but even so, I’m looking at the dibb charts and they’re down to evening only for slinky and afternoon for 7dmt. I just hope a few more hang on til Friday.

I’m very much hoping to snag SDFP but am hearing they are never a given— super curious how the parks will be after SWGE opens.

I was able to set alerts for another liner who did the Zapier text alerts. Worked out great!

DHS is a bit rogue right now with the new tiers. Particularly since you are only looking for a small number passes, I really and truly think you will be fine and have no trouble getting what you need - whether in advance or day of (perhaps with the exception of SDD).

The three tricks I (and many many other liners) use pretty much get me whatever I want:

  1. modify and refresh
  2. same day drop
  3. overlapping windows

Let us know if you are or are not familiar with those - I or someone else will be happy to type up or link to an already existing explanation. IMO, those strategies far outweigh advance bookings - I am confident I could walk into MK, AK, or EP tomorrow and do everything I want to do without any advance plans.

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I’ve been diving into the theories and think I understand them all. Only thing I’m curious about is on FP day— whether I should try to modify a FP for a popular ride right away, or go and book some other FP and go back to modify and refresh when I’m done with my list?

Thanks everyone for the positive vibes! I did manage to snag an Oga’s reservation with a TP alert today so I’m a bit more hopeful, though as another thread mentioned pickings on the dibb are getting slim! Will let you guys know how it ends up!

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Book everything starting with hardest to get first. Try to get as close as you can to your preferred time. Then, once you have them all booked, go back and try to modify.

You can definitely try to modify once you book and then all the way up to your trip, but don’t get too discouraged if you don’t get what you want or if modifying doesn’t show you great options yet. As you get closer to the date people start to drop fast passes and change their plans; so modifying starts to work a little bit better. I could not for the life of me get a 7DMT around 930 for my last trip so I had it booked for around 1, but once I was in the park on the day, I modified it up to 930 without any problems.

If you need any help prioritizing what to book first, just post your days and your ideal FPPs and you’ll get feedback.

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Between the 60 day out mark and being in the park, the other thing I’ve found helpful is to keep an eye on park hour changes. An extra hour was added at MK one of my days and the day I got the email from TP about it there were a few times available in that last hour for 7DMT for 4, so I swapped our Epcot FPs for that.

Other than FoP, SDD, ToT, 7DMT I’ve been able to juggle some of my FPs quite easily, though leas after the 30 day out mark.

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Well, my fears became true.

We have three park days (non-hopper tickets), didn’t get SDMT, SDD, OR FOP. From looking at the FP availability sites I knew SDMT and SDD were gone but it looked like I would be able to get an evening FOP and hopefully modify it up-- I was banking on this because it was my top priority. Well, apparently someone was up making late night FP. :-/ The morning of, TP’s site said FOP were gone but the Dibb said the evening slots remained. Unfortunately, TP was right. :frowning:

I know you experienced park goers say not to worry, there is plenty of time left, but I’m stubborn and have a hard time taking advice, even when it’s sound. :wink: I would totally have put up the cash for something like Max Pass or Universal’s Express Pass to avoid this frustration and disappointment.

If anyone is willing to put in a few FP4me searches for me I will make it worth your while! My park days are 10/15 - 10/17 so as not to overlap with anyone else’s trip!

Seriously, if you don’t have the FP you want, keep trying for it right up to that day. People change plans all the time and you might luck into a FP someone just dropped.