FP+ Window - Should I be concerned?

I’ve been seeing where people can book their FP+ ahead of their 60-day window. I am at 67 days, today and went in to play around. I found that I can only book 30 days out. Nothing past March 28th was available…I am staying on-site at Coronado Springs, booked through MVT and have annual passholder tickets (not activated yet but linked to my account).
Should I be worried and call Disney to see why I can’t see beyond the 30-day window?

That’s perfectly normal - you won’t be able to see 60 day availability until your window opens up. People (like me) who “practice” do so with the 30 day availability since that’s all you can see until it’s time to actually book at 60 days. :slight_smile:

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oh good, that makes me feel better. I was expecting to be able to see more. Thanks for the quick reply, now I can get back to work lol