FP window opened early for Hilton?

This morning after hearing the rumor that non-Disney hotels hear Disney springs might open eventually for 60 day FP windows, I went online and linked our tickets for a December 15th arrival date. I was able to make FPs about 3 weeks earlier than my 30 day window. Maybe this will work for others? Good luck!

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Which Hilton property did it work for?

I read yesterday on Disney Tourist Blog that Disney has done this for the hotels near Disney Springs. Here’s the actual article from WDW News that Tom referenced on DTB.

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How did the system know you have a Hilton reservation ?

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If you need a good laugh, read the comments in the blog post that @kadmgs linked to - the hyperventilating there rivals that of the Crazy Chat People. :wink:


Yep, it’s the end of the “World” as we know it according to most of them. :roll_eyes:

So what would be the most reasonable explanation? I just don’t see Disney really needing to entice more people in general to come to WDW for the day…

How did you link your reservation in the MDE app?

Probably pressure from the “Good Neighbor” hotels to get some benefits back from WDW for the extra money they are paying for locations that are on WDW property.

we’re staying at the one near DIsney Springs, but PrincipalTinker is right Disney wouldn’t know that…

Very good point, they wouldn’t. So i just linked the tickets for the extended party and it worked. Two of us are staying onsite earlier, but checking out prior to the whole group arriving… it’s so confusing. :roll_eyes: my travel agent was surprised I was able to though…

That might be what allowed you to book FPPs.

When you have an onsite stay the window extends out 60 Days. So if you check in to anonsitevresort in 10 days your window is open 50 days past check in. This will also Work if you are linked to someone checking in 10 Days from now.