FP Window open early!

My official FP+ window was supposed to open tomorrow but I have been checking each day in case it opened early and it did!!!
I got all the FP+ that I wanted, including Slinky Dog, 7DMT and FOP!

An interesting note though, we have a party of 8, only 5 are attending MVMCP on our MK park day. For the people not attending MVMCP, I could not book FP+ for them after 4:00.

Also, I thought you could book FP+ for two different parks in one day but I couldn’t, a message popped up that said your first three FP+ have to be in the same park. Is that always how it has been?

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I just posted the same thing! I love when that happens.

You can book for another park on the same day, but it has to be on that day. You can’t book FPP at different parks early.

Ah, OK, that’s what I misunderstood. Good to know!

Same happened to me yesterday, what a nice surprise.

Exactly this. As soon as you tap into #1 you can go ahead and book the one in the other park.

Is this a day earlier than your MDE says you are eligible??

Yes, my date in MDE was October 6th but I was able to book them on the 5th

There have been quite a lot of similar reports recently. Well done for spotting the window was open! :slightly_smiling_face:

good to know it was actually early and not someone’s math mistake! :grinning:

Thanks for posting! I’m glad that you were able to get good FP.

On the flip side, it makes me a bit sad for the folks that don’t know enough to check early. I know that some people take time off from work, get up in the middle of the night, or otherwise rearrange their lives to try and get good FP. They do that so they can be in the front of the line, but if the FP window opens earlier than it is supposed to there’s no way for them to get that front spot. Not that I’m saying you did anything wrong, DisneyDayDreamin - you’re not the one that sets up the FP system!

That is why I posted this, so others would be aware :wink:

I was lucky that my original FP+ day was a Saturday but I happened to check on Friday around 7:45 (I work so I wasn’t able to log on right at 7).

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For what it’s worth, my window did not open early. I got up a couple of mornings in a row, to double check. At 7am, day 60, precisely, I could book FPP.

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