FP wait times? Frozen.. reservations

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I have a 12pm or so fp for frozen with a 110pm reservation at Akershus. I haven’t been able to find info on FP wait times and was curious if I am cutting it close. Any input is greatly appreciated.


If you have a 12:00 FPP for FEA, you should have plenty of time to make your ADR at Akershus at 1:10 pm.

As long as the ride isn’t broken down, I would say you should be in and out within 30 minutes at the most. If FEA is broken down, they will most likely allow you to use your FPP later during the day when it’s back up.


Thank you! I was a bit worried that with the popularity of the ride, even fastpass would be a long wait.
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We waited no more than 15 min to ride while the stand by line was approx 200 minutes.

Hi any tips to get on the Frozen ride without a fast pass? We’re in Orlando for the next couple of weeks but there seems to be none available for the entire time. We’re currently planning an early start tomorrow and a run to the ride.

Did you make it for rope drop? I think that’s the only chance to ride without a significant wait. Even now, it’s posted at 50 min but expected 108 min wait.

Hi and thanks for asking. We arrived about 30 minutes before opening and were about 10th in our line. They opened the park about 8.40 (20 mins early) and we walked VERY quickly straight to the ride and got straight on it - no wait at all. The kid’s loved it, hubby and I thought it was really good and getting on the ride resolved all g worries and we had a great day! We had walked to the ride and been on it by 8.55am!

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Glad to hear a review of getting on right after rope drop! this is the route we are trying to do too. family of 5 plus 2 little ones. staying off property so we cant book our FP until 30 days in advance. im not expecting to get FP for everyone. Therefore hoping doing rope drop wouldnt be terrible.

was also thinking i could split our FP selections. half of the group get it for Test track and the other half for Soarin. then use rider swap for both rides since the littles wont be able to ride. that way we get short rides at both. But was worried about massive crowds trying to do rope drop to frozen ever after