FP - "unavailable" vs. Distribution done?

I noticed on 4/18 it says for Flight of Passage FP - Unavailable. We may go to AK and know that we wont have a fast pass, but I’m wondering why all the other days say, “Distribution Done” for the attractions that run out of fast passes. Is this ride shut down for the day? Is that code for something that I don’t know or do they mean the same thing?

THat is definitely differentiating language, IMO. I don’t know of a closure but it sounds like it to me based on past closures as related to FPP language

Do you already have a tier 1 ride booked? I was thrown for a loop when something appeared to have no fastpass options one day and later realized it was because I had already booked something in the top tier.

I don’t even book until Sunday - I was just browsing on this site what was available and noticed the difference.