FP times

Hi, in two weeks I will be able to book FP’s. What is the recommended time to book my first each day?

I assume you mean WDW not Disneyland?

Oops, yes. Is this section for Disney Land?

Yes. I’ll move it for you.

Ok, so it really depends on your plans for each day. At MK you can usually get quite a few more each day, so it’s good to get them early so you can get more. In the other parks it’s not so easy to get as many - though still possible - so it’s not as important. Since you’re not rushing through the first 3 to get more, you can start them later because waits in the first couple of hours are low anyway.

If you’re park hopping, you might want to just take advantage of low morning wait times at the first park and get FPs at the second park.

If you have a short trip, you might be restricted - you probably won’t get a morning FOP FP till at least your 3rd day for example, and SDD until maybe day 5. 7DMT might be difficult too.

We take an afternoon break so we usually did 10, 11, 12 if the rides we wanted were available at those times.