FP+ time choices

First time working with the FP reservation system - when the window opens for picking FP’s, do you have to take the first available time spot for any given attraction, or can you pick any time still available that you want? There are some instances where a later FP time makes more sense for my TP.
I would guess I can take the later times, but I’d rather ask than assume (thanks for your patience with that question!).

You can pick any time you want.

Be aware that it the system will only show a selection of FP times. There is a button to click to show all times, and even then it won’t show every minutes either.

The best thing is usually to pick one near to when you want it, and tweak it later to fit in with your other times. I like to leave gaps in my times initially even if I want them back to back, to give room for slightly tight options.

So I might want Splash,7dmt and HM, starting at 10am. I would go for 7dmt first and maybe choose 11:15, then I can choose HM and get 12:30. If Splash was only available at 10:10 instead of 10am, I have room left for that time slot. If I’d chosen 11:00 for 7dmt, I couldn’t get 10:10 for Splash.


Thanks for the add’t insight on strategy too!

I like to book online. I just did a series of screen shots.

I started at the fats pass page and then picked just me

Then I picked a date. I went to MK

If I click on BTMRR “view details and more times” I get to this page:


That is great to share this! I have not done FPPs for so long that I need to go in and play around with it.


Thanks for the screenshots!