FP strategy on split day afternoon Epcot, evening MK with extra night hours

Here’s the scenario:

TP predicts a level 8 crowd day on the Saturday in November before Thanksgiving. Epcot is predicted to be a 7 and MK is predicted to be a 9. MK has extended night hours.

We are definitely sleeping in that day after having done RD for several consecutive days beforehand. We will go to Epcot very late morning until about 4pm. We will go to MK after having dinner, probably around 7pm.

Do I plan three FP in Epcot and hope that we can get a 4th in MK? Or do I save my FP and plan the three of them for the evening hours in MK? We’ll have been to both parks previously in our trip and I’m guessing that our group will really want to do rides such as Soarin, Splash (if warm enough), 7DMT, SM, POC, HM. I think Thunder Mountain might open back up that day from refurbishment. Maybe I’m answering my own question? I should wait in line for Soarin and just FP the MK rides for the evening, yes?

Thoughts? Thanks!

In November you likely won’t need a fast pass for Splash especially in the evening as the wait will be manageable. 7DMT it would definitely come in handy & probably Space. Pirates & Haunted Mansion are solid candidates to get a 4th FP for. If Soarin’ is the only FP in Epcot that would be a big benefit, I think you’re right that it makes more sense to target MK and just plan on a l-o-n-g wait to ride Soarin’. I’d try to FP 7DMT, Space & Big Thunder if back open at MK…