FP+ Soarin' or TT

First time at Disney World and am wondering if FP+ is better to use on Soarin’ or TT. I have read that Soarin’ queue is very unexciting, and I figure this is true since the one at DLR has nothing to see. The queue for TT is interactive, I think. Do you design your car while waiting? If we have FP+ for TT, do we miss out on that?

No you do not miss out on designing your sim car if you FP TT. Most say FP TT and head to soarin at RD.

Another option is to FPP Soarin’ and do single rider for TT.

We use fast pass for Soarin and get in the test track ride 10 minutes before illuminations starts. DD5 doesn’t like fireworks so we ride TT then with usually 10 minutes of wait time.

If you do the single rider for TT, you will not design your car. We tend to FPP TT since we RD over to Soarin’. The few times we have RD to TT, TT didn’t open right away and we wasted a lot of time at RD. Not worth it to us.