FP+ Reservations

I just got through reading the instructions on making FastPass+ Reservations. They were really helpful. I do have a question about the Group A and Group B opportunities, though, being that this will be my first time using FPP.

It was noted in the article that the FPP computer system will only allow one to select 1 opportunity from Group A and 2 from Group B. Being that TP has a field where you can enter the number of Group A and Group B opportunities you have been allowed indicates that WDW must change that number of opportunities from time to time. Does this happen very often, or can I pretty much count on having a Group A opportunity and two Group B opportunities?

Also, on TP MK only shows Group A. So does WDW allow 3 opportunities within that Group?

Our visit won’t be for about three months, but I’m trying to get all my ducks in a row.

At MK and AK you get to pick any attraction. If you want all three mountains it is not a problem. WDW might play with what attractions are tier I or Ii, every once in a great while there have been “glitches” in the system that have allowed you free booking at Epcot, but you should never expect that to happen. You have to make a choice at a EP between Soarin and Test Track, and if you book Toy Tory at HS, you will have to do either the stand by line or single rider at RnR.

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Thanks for your reply and for the helpful information. I’ll hope for one of the “glitches.” :wink:

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COuldn’t have said it better… :slight_smile:

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