FP+ reservations in advance

My family is going to Orlando in July. We are staying POR for our entire stay, 10 days. I have bought a 5 day park pass. I have free days set aside to do other things or relax. We are going to do all the parks and MK twice. The second day at MK I was leaving as a floating day and not locked down till we get there to see what the weather was like. The second day at MK I was planning on a relaxing day and doing rides again that we enjoyed. What I was wondering is when my FP+ window opens up at the end of May, can I make FP+ reservations for more days than I have bought. Say make FP+ reservations in advance on 7 different days, even though my tickets are for 5 days? This way once we are in Orlando we can decide which day to do the second day at MK and cancel the other FP+ reservations.

No. You will only be able to make FPP’s for 5 days, so you need to decide ahead of time which 5 days.

You can always change the days after you make your FOs. You may not be able to get exactly the same ones or times, but you can cancel one day and change them to another.

Thanks for the info folks. What I will do is pick a day when my FP+ window opens up and make FP’s for the 3 rides I know we will want to do again like 7DMT. Once we get down there, if there is a change in the day I will cancel and I will have to rethink my FP and strategy for the new day


7DMT is a hard-to-get FP, so it’s very unlikely to get it last minute. You should try to put that on a day that you’re most confident about keeping.