FP Reservations for someone in your party

I’ve been put in charge of making FP reservations for our party of 6.
Am I able to make FP reservations for people in my party that do not include myself?

Meaning am I able to make reservations for a ride for my parents and my daughter, but not include myself?

My FP 60 day window opens tomorrow morning and I want to have everything ready to go!

Are they all on your reservation? Are they linked to you in MDE?

If yes and yes, then you will be able to book for them. If they are on a separate reservation, then you should be able to if they arrive at the same time as you.

Yep. Just make sure they are in our Friends and Family list in MDE and their reservation/tickets are linked to their account. I had an issue recently where the person was in my list but it wasn’t linked to the correct account that their tickets were tied too. So I had to go relink that person.

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We are all linked together in MDE because I made a bunch of ADR for all 6 of us. But I do know when my mom made the reservations she made 2 - one for my family of 4 and one for her and my dad.

ADRs aren’t always a great indicator simply because you can simply book for a number without listing everyone.

Can you see everyone in MDE, and see their tickets linked? And are they all in the same room as you, or are they in a separate room?

Under My Plans in MDE I can see the status of all 6 of my party’s linked hotel reservations, park hopper tickets, and dining reservations.

We are in 2 separate rooms.

I guess I won’t find out till tomorrow morning at 7!