FP+ reservation

We are staying on site for 21 nights and have a 21 day park ticket as part of the package.

This means we have 22 days in Disneyland Orlando (includes a ‘check in’ AND ‘check out’ day).

I understand that the FP+ ticket is tied to the park ticket, but when exactly does the Park ticket start? If we go into a park on the check in day, does that mean we cannot use the parks on check out day?

How does the FP+ reservation know what days I will be in the park? (‘check in’ or ‘check out’ day or both).

Hope the above makes sense. Help much appreciated.


The ticket will be activated on the first day you use it to gain entry to a park. So yes, you will need to have one park-free day. Not sure what the expiry is for the 21 day tickets, as in whether you can have a park-free day on day 16 and then use it on day 22. Somewhere in the fine print this should be stated. However, if you’re flying from the uk, your flight is likely to be in late afternoon. Therefore it’s probably easier to skip the parks on your arrival day, and get an early night! That way your checkout day will be day 21.

When you book fastpasses, the system will allow you to book for any 21 days within the timeframe of the ticket. As soon as you try and book one for the 22nd day* it will prevent you from doing so. And you will be able to book all days at 60 days out. And you can book the days in any order. So if you’re wanting 7dmt or FEA then you might want to start with day 3 of your stay, and then go back to day 1.

  • this can be confusing. let’s say you had a 7 day ticket but we’re staying for 11 days in total. You could book fps for days 2,3,6,8,4,11 &9, say in that order. That’s 7 days in total. If you then tried booking for day 1, it would tell you you didn’t have enough days of ticket media left; you could then delete day 8 and book for day 1. You cannot book extra days to hedge your bets!

Key is to find out how long you have to use all 21 days of your ticket.

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Thank you, that explains it perfectly.

We are arriving from UK and will not be doing parks on first night, eating in a resort. Just wondered if we could go into MK or EP for a recce. I suspect we will be tired and in need of ZZZzz’s

Thanks again for the information.

You’re welcome. I know it’s tempting to go for that recce, but tbh we really just want to eat and relax a little, and then go to bed! When you add in the early start before your flight, and the time to get through immigration etc, it’s been a loooooong day!

My tip, is grab something to eat at the airport - immigration and customs can take a while, and once you’re through to the main terminal you can use the escalators and pass the food court. My kids needed something to keep them going for a couple of hours until you are ready for dinner.

As for the evening, Just tell the kids (young and old lol) that the sooner they go to bed, the sooner they can be in the parks. You will probably wake early, so can be ready to head off in time for rope drop if you want to.

All very useful information for us being first timers.

Thank you.