FP+ rehearsal with a surprise


You will be fine for choices at those days. Have a great trip!


Even if you don’t get the exact time you want…Grab one…and then keep trying to modify it later.


Get the available times closest to your plan … then modify, modify, modify to see if you can get it closer … and then if you need to, switch up your plans a bit to make the times work.

But most importantly … Remember that you are going to WDW and it will be an amazing time even if your plans aren’t perfect!


60+3 might not have the exact time desired available for FOP. When I booked at 60+4, there wasn’t anything for FOP before 11:30 am.


I had the same problem and with our trip rapidly approaching I called Disney yesterday and spoke with IT. They said it is a glitch that many people are having issues with. They did something and instantly I was able to complete my MB order.


Thanks so much for the tip! I was beginning to think that they were going to stop mailing them out because the message said something about being available for pickup at the desk. I will definitely make the dreaded call to get things figured out.


I was dreading it too, but the entire call including the wait was less than 5 minutes. They knew the exact problem and how to fix it.