FP+ rehearsal with a surprise

Only two weeks to go until our FP+ day for next trip. I always start checking 30 day availability around this time, and start making my priority list. Today was my first check. Imagine my surprise when I went to check Flight of Passage and was immediately offered one for the three of us at 10:10! :open_mouth: Needless to say it was a complete fluke, but it just goes to show that sometimes you just need to be lucky in the FP+ game.


Awesome! What luck. Was that am or pm?

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am :hugs:

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We’ll then its not due to suddenly extended park hours. Hope your luck holds. I’ve been playing around with it, too and it’s a huge help to be able to do that. I’m pretty rusty.

It’s also a lot of fun! I’m running out of things to do in the planning stage- it makes me feel like the trip is a lot closer than it is.

Yes - I normally do this every few days as the FP+ day gets closer. It gives me a feel for which ones I need to concentrate on first, and just like you said it also makes it feel like the trip is a lot closer!

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Have you tried getting anything during the drops? That’s my next challenge, but I keep getting distracted and forget!

To be honest I’ve never had a problem getting what I want, so I’ve never really had to do try the drop times. Last trip (September) DD wanted to go on Slinky again both our HS days and I manage to snag FPs for an hour or so later without too much trouble, so I must be pretty lucky in the FP+ department! :grin:


We are about 2 1/2 weeks out and I was just wishing I could “practice” making FP+. How are you able to do that??? It will be my first time and I am nervous about having to “learn” the system as I am actually at the window. We have a package with room, tickets, dining and I will be trying to make FP+ for 8 people.

I think that this means that it will only open for you at +60 ‘on the day’. I have the same.

I’m having the same anxiety.

Same. This is making me miss making a mad dash to a kiosk to pull the physical fast passes while my family waits in line. At least then I knew what I was doing.

:sob::sob: I’ve tried watching you tube videos of people explaining it. I’m not sure it helped though. When I logged in at 6 AM for ADRs on 180 days out, I quickly found that I could NOT reserve anything and had to call the phone number and have them do it for me. Just a random glitch that wouldn’t allow me to book. All of my dates were grayed out even though I was 180 days out. So I’m worried something like that will happen again and I will miss my early window. Can we book fast passes by calling? Just in case it happens again…

I don’t think you can do it with packages, unfortunately. I have an AP I just bought, not activated yet.

I’m glad I’m not the only one! I’ve been computer savvy for 20+ years but Disney’s website makes me nervous. Right now I can’t choose MB colors or get all of the accounts linked correctly or choose avatars for certain people (but can for others). I did watch a few youtube videos that showed FP+ choosing pretty clearly but the act of doing it myself has to be done at 5am my time when my head doesn’t work yet!:woman_zombie:

Great question!

May the force be with us on that day!

You CAN book FPP on the phone. I also recommend setting up auto-sign in on every possible internet browser. Sometimes, the MDE website only works on Safari. Other times, only on Chrome. I have auto-login everywhere possible.


Thanks for the confirmation on using the phone! Auto log in is something I have always kept turned off but maybe I need to do that. Don’t even remember how to change it at this point!

Have you been following theDibb FP+ availability charts? There has been quite a bit of availability lately for everything but FOP and SDD. Even FOP had some available at 60 and 60+2 this morning. Not so with SDD. Keep our finger crossed!

Yes! And I really think I’ll be okay. My days for FOP is 60+3 and SDD is 60+5. But I’m worried I won’t get times I want and my whole plan will be weird and I’ll have to change all my ideas! Which is bound to happen for some of them but I just need it to hurry and happen so I can adjust and stop thinking about it. :slight_smile: I feel like tweaking my TPs right now is just frivolous.