FP+ Questions - Hopping and addition FPs

I think I understand how FP+ works, but I want to be sure. We have 3 days in mid-September to get in 4 parks and so will be parking hopping each day to work around park hour changes, Halloween parties, and reservations at BMG. Not going to be the most efficient plan, but we also know we aren’t seeing everything, and the parks are in the 2-5 range while we are there.

My biggest problem with FP+ right now is the inability to book in more than one park for the day. Kind of makes park hopping difficult, but I guess not that much harder then it was before, when FP’s for popular attractions would all be gone by 10am. We have 3 must see’s via FP+ - TSMM, SDMT, and Soarin’. SDMT is the only one I can’t change, due to no availability other than the day/time I have.

For various reasons, it seems that every FP+ I booked is in the afternoon or early evening covering the second park of the day. One of the reasons is, of course, the ability to hit the first park of the day at RD and avoid lines for a while, at least, that way.

I’d like to confirm my understanding that by doing so, I cannot make a 4th FP+ until I’ve used up all 3 of my pre-reserved? Correct? Also, if I were to rebook 3 FP+'s for the morning at Park1, and then hop over to Park 2, which Kiosks do I have to use FP+4 for Park 2? I’ve seen some say that I have to book FP+4 before leaving Park 1, and some say I have to scan in at Park 2 before I use them.

Lastly, the first day we planned on AK for the morning, and then when done with that to head over the Epcot. I have a FP+ on Soarin’ for just after dinner and before Illuminations. I actually cancelled the two additional FP’s the system made up for me, so I only have one for that day. Can I somehow leverage this to allow me to book same day FP’s at AK before the prebooked Soarin’ FP+ expires? Can I book additional same day Epcot FP’s when we get into Epcot if we get there early (though to be honest, I don’t expect to need FP’s for anything else other, than may TT, which I can’t double up with Soarin’ in any event).

Finally, If the answers to the last paragraphs are “no”, is there a way to add one or two of the advance FP+'s back to the one I have for Epcot? I might as well, even though we might not get there in time to use it.

Thanks! -John

When we were there last Aug 2014, you had to be in the park you wanted the 4th fast pass in, in order to book it. So…you would have to hop first, then go to a fast pass kiosk and book it. You can’t do it from your phone, but you can select it at the kiosk and then change it, if wanted, on your phone. When we hopped we usually did fastpasses in the afternoon at the 2nd park like you mentioned as we knew there would be shorter lines at rope drop at the first park. Plus there isn’t usually good availability left in the afternoon on the day of, except maybe in MK as there are so many attractions there (but still don’t expect to get any headliners the day of). As far as your question about cancelling 2 and leveraging that at Epcot I am not sure.