FP questions at Epcot

1 - the plans are referencing Orange and Green but I didn’t see options for the FP - just says Mission Space??
2 - When I selected to optimize the touring plan, it said I shouldn’t use my Spaceship Earth FP, rather go at 9AM (FP is at 11:50AM). Should I just cancel it now or wait and do day of?? I don’t really see many other options.

Thanks! We got a 4:50PM FP for the Frozen ride (I have kids)…

For Mission Space you decide which side you want at the ride.

The plan obviously thinks you’ll have shorter wait time over the whole day if you ride SSE first thing, but it could be literally saving one minute. I’d copy the plan, and on the copy use the ‘force to use FPs’ option and see how it looks.

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