FP Question for Epcot Afternoon

We are going to split one of our days with MK in the morning and then World Showcase in Epcot in the afternoon. If we want to get a FP for FEA, do I have to just tour MK that morning with no FP and just book FP for Epcot that afternoon (I guess for FEA and Illuminations)? Seems like that is only option. We are just planning on doing Tomorrowland/Main Street in the morning so probably OK to do without fastpasses (though would be nice for Mickey Town Hall and Space Mountain). Going during Spring Break so all days are CL 9-10.

You could do 1 or 2 FPs at MK and try for FEA after you’ve tapped in for the first one, but you might not get it. If you want to be absolutely certain, you should book for EP in advance and do MK with none. I doubt Illuminations would be a problem, you can usually pick that up as a 4th.

Thanks. Given that the chart says FP availability is gone 52-54 days in advance, doesn’t seem like I have a choice.

FEA and Illuminations are both tier 1.

I think if FEA is a must you should book your FPs at Epcot. Unless you are prepared to skip Illuminations and get in line for FEA just after it starts. That’s something I’ve “seen” people do.

With what you want to do at MK, I think I would do Talking Mickey first, then head to Space and Buzz. Although you may have a little wait at Space, the line for Mickey can get really long later on. And most people will head for 7DMT/PP.

Thanks. Forgot about the tiers. If I only book FEA, can I book Illuminations right after or do I also have to book 2 other Tier 2s and use them / let them expire? So maybe best strategy is to book 2 tier 2s in the AM and not use them and then once we ride FEA (hopefully around 4), immediately try for Illuminations?

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Yes, you will need to have used (or let expire) 2 tier 2 FOs before booking a second tier 1 for Illuminations.

Personally I don’t see the need for an FP for Illuminations; it’s a very small area and you will be packed in. Unless you get there very early and get a front row spot you can likely find somewhere better around the lake.

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