FP procrastinator

Hubby and I are staying in WDW for 9 days beginning Jan 18, 2020. Due to family illnesses I have been unable to do much planning until now. Fast Passes are just that…fast and gone! Is it possible to make plans and get FP reservations with 6 weeks to go?

You’re still ahead of the offsite guests who can’t book until 30 days. You should still have decent availability for most attractions- just not a few headliners and you may have more afternoon FP. Don’t stall anymore and get on DME. You can always tweak and modify later.


I can sympathize because a death 2 weeks before our trip left me feeling like I was behind in my packing and last minute planning the whole time. You will still have a good time b/c you’ll be at WDW. I have had a lot of success with finding cancellations for both ADRs and FP. Make an initial plan and them modify until you are happy with the results. There was only one FP I was never able to get last time, and that was FOP. I managed to get SDD and SDMT after our FP day.

You’ll be fine! Off site guests haven’t even started yet. Remember you have the same day drops to help grab some of the headliners that may be gone.