FP+ nothing good for the day, should I keep my evening bookings

arriving this weekend tried to book up my FPP but only things (good) were available at night so i booked them. Is that a stupid move? Should i just leave it free and try and use them day of in the morning so i can keep using them throughout the day, or keep as is (booked belle, space mountain and peter pan but all at 7/8/9p)

Why not keep them until day of and try to modify for the morning? People might drop FPs that day. That’s the advice that was given to me.

Also, keep checking tomorrow, as you may be able to modify. Unless you’re snagging something else tonight, why not keep them until you’re ready to either use or move them?

Keep them and try to modify them throughout the day. Or if you hit one of those rides at rope drop, change it to a different ride wig times earlier in the day.

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Keep them! My general rule is to always book the attractions you enjoy the most- regardless of time.


That’s my problem. We won’t RD if we have late FPs. DH has only so much stamina in him. Okay, me, too. We’re off site, so if we leave for the afternoon, he won’t want to go back.

Oh that’s a bummer. We were offsite but pretty close and did 9-12 and 5-8 every day. I guess your two options would be:

  1. RD and hit PPF, Space, and Belle first. Modify your FP to whatever is available for morning times. And then head out.
  2. Arrive at the park late and put up with the lines/do lesser attractions until your FP times.
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When we were offsite but needed an afternoon break, we got a nice lunch and then found a resort with a nice lobby and just chilled/napped there. Some of them are fairly quiet and you find some good places to rest and recharge within walking/monorail/boat distance.

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I would keep the late times since those are attractions you want to do. I had thought after all of my research and planning that I would be grabbing and modifying FPP all day long… wrong! We used exactly 3 each day! Our TP was spot on almost all day every day. I only had to drop a couple of attractions during the entire trip because our timing was slightly off. Otherwise, it worked like a dream! Our FPP locations were just where we needed them to be when we needed them to be there. We didn’t even eat the snacks from our backpack because we were constantly moving - between attractions and through cue lines. The only noticeably slow waits were for characters and TSMM. I actually want to go back soon so I can practice what I’ve learned!

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I would keep them and just keep checking periodically to see if you can update them. People adjust their plans and things will open up some. I have found the modify/refresh trick to be useful even weeks before the trip!