FP+ Not Showing up on MDE

I have had several weird issues with MDE since I signed up last October but this one really worries me. All of our dining and FP+ reservations show up, but most of the FP+ list the wrong number of people. There are eight of us and I am seeing numbers like “5 guests” when it should be eight or “1 guest” when it should be three. If I click on it to modify or update then I can eventually get to where it shows the correct number of people, so no need to modify or add guests to fix it. Dis IT assured me that they see the correct people but this is still very disconcerting. All of our MDE accounts have this glitch and they show different numbers than I see (like DH sees “2 guests” where I see 1 but it should be three. Does anyone else have this issue? Should I be concerned?

Mine always does that too. It is only on the app for me. I can always log onto the website and see the correct info.

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Mine does that randomly too. Sometimes if I log out and then back in it fixes it, but not always. Disney IT is strange.

My website login is more correct than the app but is still incorrect in many instances. And everyone else uses the app exclusively so they are all messed up! Everyone is so confused as to what/who they are riding. I have it in my head but if I haven’t looked at the plans for several days then I get confused too! Will the app still be incorrect when we are in the parks or does it correct itself at that point?

I take a screen shot our FPs and and dining each day. I ask everyone to refer to those or the shared Google doc.


I had a panic attack shortly after booking my FP. They all said party of 1 on the app. It was fine on the web version though. The app had a messsge that there were issues at the time. It was ok a few hours later but gave me a real scare. Make sure your app and phone is up to date.

Mine is almost the opposite problem. I had heard people were booking their FP early, so I thought, well what the heck I’ll give it a try. Sure enough I was able to book FP, though my 60-day mark isn’t for another week. I hope they don’t get “lost”.

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Ours has been this way for almost 3 weeks now. I think I will try calling Disney IT again. I really want everyone to be able to use MDE in the parks.

If they can see it you’re ok. MDE is a glitchy little beast.

My app is also having the same problem, ever since the last update. I cant see my wife’s FP on my phone and she cant see mine on hers, yet on the website everything is there.

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