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So I hear a lot about people refreshing their app continuously the day of their visit to get FastPasses that are not available (I know this is not a guarantee). How exactly do you do this? I have FPs for Haunted Mansion right now I would like to change to SDMT if they were to come available. I see how to do this on my computer by not on the app. On the app I am clicking on my Haunted Mansion FP, Click Modify, Select All, Click continue, Scroll down to see there are not SDMT available, then starting all over again. Is this the only way to do it or is there an easier way? I do not see where the ‘refresh’ comes in. Any help is appreciated.

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i can’t recall exactly how to do it. but I feel like there is an easier way. i don’t remember if there is an actual button to push, or if you swipe down on your smartphone to refresh the page… i don’t have an active ticket so I don’t think I can test it.

@PrincipalTinker @OBNurseNH

I do remember that it will drain your phone battery quickly, so bring a charging port or be prepared to spend $30 in the park for the fuel rod.

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In Jan of 2017 I set all my fast passes for early in the morning. After I used my third FP which was around 11:30 I would make another and as soon as I scanned my magic band to get in the fast pass line I would open up the App, cancel the FP for the line I was standing in and book another. I think I ended up with 13 fast passes one day

I can try to remember to do this with screen shots tomorrow morning. If someone likes or replies to this I will get a notification and will more likely remember


I remember choosing to modify my 4th FP and clicking the various time slots from the first to the last one to refresh, but I’m sure there must be a much easier way to do this… @OBNurseNH, I’ll be waiting for your report tomorrow to prepare for my next trip in April.
And keep in mind what SillySamsMom has observed… the phone battery won’t last doing this… be prepared for that. My battery was totally drained before 2pm.

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This past week I was able to get a lot of stuff by just continuing to change the times on the app. For instance I would search for “afternoon” and when that didn’t show what I was looking for I would change it to “4:00” and try that! It just took a lot of patience and going back out of the app and back in. I even got a same day fast pass for 7 Dwarfs Mine Train and Na’vi River Journey during my trip. Just takes a good bit of patience because it seems like the app only gives you certain options at a time.

I too could not find a way to refresh the app. I usually close the entire app then reopen it. Please tell me there is an easier way.

You just keep changing the time. Click on a different time and new options come up. Just keep doing it till something you really want appears.

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Ok here I am.
OpenMDE and go to FPP selection

You can see that I have a BTMRR for today
When I click on that it takes me to the screen where I can modify if I’m crazy and don’t want to ride this fantastic ride

I click “modify” and select the members in my party for whom I am modifying

The next screen lets me choose a new time for the same ride OR choose a new experience

I was able to get the space mountain I wanted but man that’s hours away. Still I take it knowing I can modify the time.

I repeat the above process but keep hitting the < button at the top and continue until I find what works for me. In just three attempts I was able to get a space mountain for 12:35 which works better for my plans. So I take it!

It’s really just a matter of hitting < and continue repeatedly until what you want shows up.

Make sense?


OK those screen shots didn’t quite work out how I wanted them to. LOL I was working from my phone which I hate. Hopefully it’s clear enough. If not let me know and I can redo

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Or just hit the < button and continue over and over again - it takes you out of the times and back in each time.

Really useful info, thanks!

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Excellent. Thank you very much. Very helpful.

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How would you use this method if you were trying to refresh for a day of FP drop that had no times available?


I was thinking the same- How would you use this method if you were trying to refresh for a day of FP drop that had no times available?


Same way. If a time becomes available it will move from the bottom (where attractions with no available time are listed) to it’s proper place in the list. Super easy with FOP because it is technically called Avatar FOP so will appear first in the alphabetical list.

Important tip: if looking for a ride that is hard to get, take what you can get, even if it is an undesirable time. Then work to modify the time from there. It may be an illusion but it seems that once you hav a FPP at all for the ride, more options come up for you.

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I guess this confuses me. If there are no times available… there are no times. I suppose you could keep trying and one could come up. Nothing is impossible

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