FP+ Issue

As the family vacation planner (and former FP runner under that system), I have created our touring plans for each day of our upcoming trip in April and booked the FP+ at 60 days out. For one of the days (day 2 at MK), only 2 attractions “needed” FP+ according to TP. So I cancelled one of the 3 in My Disney Experience, figuring I could add another one at some other time.

I decided that I should really have 3 FP+ on the books so that I can then add a 4th after we complete the 3rd. However, I have discovered that there is no way to do this! The only choices offered on MDE are to create experiences for a new day (not applicable), change an existing experience or time (close, but not what I need), or cancel a FP+ (also not applicable). There are no other options to add a FP+.

I have contacted Disney by chat and e-mail, and the response was the same: you can’t add a 3rd FP+ if you only have 2. And by the way, don’t cancel the 3rd one (thanks a lot for that warning, after the fact!).

I do have the option of deleting the existing FP+ and starting over, but now at 35 days out I’m not sure if I want to risk losing what I have (especially 7DMT).

Has anyone had to deal with this before? Am I just stuck with 2 FP+? Thanks in advance for any help on this.

Best I can say is time it so you cancel on the app and search on the computer at the same time?

They are correct. You’d have to cancel everything and start over. You always have the option to ‘change experience’ but if you flat out cancel one there is no way to get it back without starting over… sorry.

Do it really fast, you should be ok. The odds of losing it in seconds are pretty long.

Ahh, didn’t even occur to me that cancelling and immediately rebooking would likely free up the 2 times I wanted to keep. All is well, I got my original 2 plus a 3rd. Thanks!!