FP+ gone for Toy Story Mania on a level 3 day?

My 60 day window opened for FP+ today and I tried to snag Toy Story Mania for 4/24 (crowd level 3) and all passes for the day were gone already! That seems weird to me. I can see maybe not getting a preferred time but the whole day being sold out on a low crowd day has me scratching my head. I had zero trouble getting all my other rides for the whole week, this was my only miss (which in the grand scheme of things really isn’t a big deal I suppose).

Anyone have any idea what’s going on? I know it’s a hugely popular ride but still…

No FP for TSM they are moving the Que and had to cut down the tracks being used.

Ohhhhh! Well that explains it. That will save me the trouble of checking for FP+ openings every day, thank you!

I wish MDX had a note explaining that though.