FP+ Frozen Ever After

I’m assuming this new attraction “opening in June” will be fast pass enabled. How will I know if/when that is the case? I’ve logged in a few times to MDE and haven’t seen it as a FP+ option. I would appreciate any suggestions of sites you use to watch for the latest updates. Thanks!

They will just be available at some point. Disney will usually announce when they will become available a few days in advance like they did with Soarin’ but without a set opening date it’s hard to know when that might be. Keep an eye on the Disney Parks blog, and here on Lines and you’ll probably know as fast as anyone else.

If ADR openings are any past guidance, the public Disney announcement will be 1-2 days after it goes live. Keep checking MDE and here and you’ll likely know before 99% of the general public.

FPP starting tomorrow, it opens June 21 per WDW Blog today. Glad I saved a FPP open for our July trip!

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