FP+ for Soaring at Epcot on the Day

Just wondering how likely it would be to get a FP+ slot for Soaring on the day (17 Aug) after I have used the others at about 12:30pm? TIA

I would think it would be pretty hard. But you never know. If there is not many of you in your group… maybe!?

I was in a group of two and we got a Soarin’ FP+ for 6:30 one evening. We scheduled it around 2pm. There is hope. If you refresh the screen a couple times, something should come up (especially for smaller groups).

EDITED: This was the Sunday after Thanksgiving so the crowds were still hanging around a bit.

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Not sure what your crowd level is, but we’ve been going in June the last few years, and we always have good luck getting a same day FP for Soarin’ after we use our others. I think your chances are pretty good at 12:30pm. You have to be persistent and keep trying though! It changes frequently throughout the day.

I would think the “refresh trick” would be key to scoring this

Here is the link to Touring Plans’ chart of same day FPP availability. http://blog.touringplans.com/2015/05/06/fastpass-plus-availability/ . It is based on CL. Your day is CL6 and it says it typically runs out at noon. Hopefully you will fare better. Remember, you can make another as soon as you scan in for your last. You don’t have to wait until after you are done with that attraction.

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