FP for Soarin' or Frozen Ever After?


Which would be best for the Fast pass?


I’ve easily gotten Soarin’ as a 4th and 5th FP day of and been able to ride it multiple times with very little to no wait during an evening EMH as we skip Illuminations. I personally have never seen FEA as a day of FP and the standby line is always super long for FEA. I’d get FEA as your FP.


I 100% agree! We have rope dropped Soarin’ with very little wait and also snagged late afternoon/evening fast passes for Soarin. I have yet to see a FEA fast pass on the day I’m at Epcot.


Ok, first off I am not a big FEA fan. The line get very long and I really don’t understand what the hoopla is all about with this ride. It is very similar to the previous ride about Norway and It’s way of life. Now of coarse it is about the movie Frozen. Not that great unless you are Norwegian and it is an ancestry thing. I on the other hand would suggest going to Frozen sing-along in HS. It is not what it seems and is very good and generally you don’t need a FP. Soarin’ can have a very long line and then again it may have a short one. Usually around eating time or Illuminations the line is not very long. Also during evening EMH it seems to be shorter as well. My wife and I love Soaring and FP it just so we can go the first time and then we turn around and standby it again. The nice thing with Soarin’ is you meet a lot of people in line and they have Wall games going on while you wait in line. So here’s the thing, if you must go to FEA then FP it as it is the only way to go and avoid massive lines.


Thanks! I have an 8 year old, so Frozen is a must. Going to try and get the earliest FP for it as possible and try for Soarin on a day of FP or ride it during Illuminations since we’re going on an evening EMH day…


Here again. If the 8 year old is into Frozen, then don’t miss Frozen sing-along in HS. It is soooo much better than Frozen Ever After. It is more of a stage show than a sing-along but it is hilarious. She will love it and so will you. I and my wife almost passed it up because we are not really into sing-alongs. Turned out to be one of the best experience we had in WDW. Have a Magical time.


I agree with this whole-heartedly! I have seen the Frozen Sing-a-Long twice and it is absolutely wonderful!


Yes! Frozen sing-along is SO MUCH better and fantastic whether you actually love frozen or not.


FP for Frozen. We rope dropped Soarin without running or acting crazy and walked right on. When we got off, the wait was 15 minutes, so you could probably do it twice!