FP+ for RR in DHS?

We’re going to DHS on 2/28, but there’s no FP+ for RR…as in, it’s not even showing as an option to book (not even at 60 days at 7am ET). I’ve checked the refurb schedule, but it doesn’t show it being closed. Any insights?

Do you already have another tier 1 booked? TSMM or F!?

I just checked and I can get FPs for the 28th so I believe @AuntB_luvsDisney is right?

Definitely possible - I now have TSMM, ToT & ST FP+, but before I had selected any of them (to trigger the tiering) RR wasn’t even a choice. I’ll play around with it! Thanks so much!

If you have FP for TSMM, I would go to RR at RD or another choice, go to TSMM at RD, then head over to RR and do it then or do the single rider line.

Definitely our plan - thanks!

Oh another thing, if you do love TSMM, we were able to do it 4 times in the morning at RD without using a single FP. Another thing, if you go over there while fireworks are going on later, you can ride it a number of times too, well at least we were on one day. I think in all, on the 2 days we went to DHS, we road TSMM at least 12 times, and Andrea, she beat me most of those times but like I posted before, uhm she cheated, uhm I didn’t have my 3D glasses on as I wear regular glasses, sun block got in my eyes, we just got engaged so I had to let her win, uhm the string wasn’t working right. Just kidding, she beat me and it almost always from the very last round. This was her favorite ride of all the rides in all the parks.