FP for on site/off site guest

I think this has been answered before, but not sure what to search for.

Let’s say a family is going to Disney and half are staying on property for some nights. The rest are not. They are connected with the ability to make plans for each other in MDE.

At the 60 mark for the on site members of the family, are they allowed to also book FPs for their off site family members as long as they have tickets for the same dates? I would think not, but I have a memory that you actually can…but I might be misremembering things.

The FP system recognizes each individual in the party separately, and each one has to have a hotel and ticket registered in the computer to get added to another person’s FPs. If they don’t, a dialog box will pop up warning that ‘X individual cannot book FP+ on this date, remove them from the party and try again’.

I just had to deal with this (quickly!) in early December as a family member wasn’t linked to the hotel reservation properly, despite staying with us there.

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Okay. That’s what I would expect.

I think maybe what I am thinking of is if the other half has hotel reservations later but overlap, the system allows the first party to start booking FPs for the second party, essentially giving the second party more than 60 days out for scheduling.

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I don’t have any experience with that, but it sounds plausible. I’d like to hear if it works!

Yes, it is the umbrella policy.

Yes, you can.

Everyone would have to have valid tickets / APs.

Someone who is staying onsite would have to do the booking through their MDE account.

The off-site friends must be in a group with someone who is staying onsite.

And there will be restrictions on modifying the FPs; up to the 30 day mark only someone staying onsite would be able to change them.

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Interesting. What do you mean by “in a group”?

When you choose the party that’s getting the FP.

So let’s say your family is staying onsite and your sister and her family are staying offsite.

Half of you are doing DHS but not everyone wants to, so the “boys” are doing DHS whilst the “girls” are doing a Princess day.

Your BIL and nephew must have the same FPs as you. And your Sis and niece must have the same FPs as your wife.

Ah. Okay. I think I get it.

This is mostly hypothetical, but I was thinking about a scenario where that could happen, and was wondering what the side benefits could be.