FP for Family and Friends in MDE

Hey WDW gurus, I will call Disney in the morning and ask if I need to, but thought I’d try here first. I need to make FP+ in 7 days, for my family of 6 and my parents and inlaws. My account is good to go, so is my mom’s with her and my dad’s tickets linked. We are connected as friends and both have made our friends and family list visible to our other friends and family. However, I can’t make FP+ reservations or “see” my dad, nor could she see my DH and kids who are on my account. We can only see each other. Any ideas for what we might be doing wrong? TIA!

It is part of a package? It all opens at day 60. You cannot see everything until then.

Not part of a package, but I’m not having a problem seeing the FP+ options. I made same sample FP+ reservations for a random date a few weeks away (9/29 or so) and I was able to do so only for my family and my mom. I can’t do anything for my dad, who is on my mom’s account with a linked ticket. When I go to my family and friends I cannot “see” him, and when my mom checks her family and friends she cannot “see” my DH or two kids.

I had the same thing happen to me. I could see my mom but not my dad who was on her account. My mom couldnt see my DD. I called Disney that night, got someone right away and they fixed it in minutes.

My guess is that it is likely in the settings for the person you cannot see. If they are being managed by someone else (in this case, your mother) they have to have the settings such that others are allowed to them and make plans for them. So, I would start with checking those settings through your mothers account first.
If that doesn’t work, it may be easier to set up another account for your father, Even if he never logs into it. But then he would not fall under someone else’s account and would easily be seen by you and others.

That is probably what I would do, but also not sure that is the recommended thing to do. It may be safer to just make the call and have the Disney people help you.

I had my mom’s settings checked already (she and my dad have an in-law apartment in our basement, so when things like this happen I just go downstairs and look at their screen!). This morning I discovered, ONLY on the app (of course!) there is a button under the Friends and Family setting to send a request to your friend to be allowed to see and make reservations for all of their members. So I sent that request and when my mom accepted it then I was correctly connected and able to make FP+ within the 30 day window for both my mom and my dad. Now, why that request isn’t obvious on the PC version and why the setting that says “allow my friends and family to see all my other friends and family” wasn’t enough on it’s own are both beyond me, but that’s how it worked! Thanks to all who responded! Now to make sure all the FP+ we don’t really need are cancelled…

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