FP+ for AK

Alright because you were so helpful with our HS FP+ selections I am back again to pick your brains. Only 12 days until my window opens :smile:

We are going to AK on a CL4 day in August the park opens at 9. We do have an onsite reservation but it starts the day we are going to AK so we are unlikely to get FP+ for FoP. I have watched the video about doing Fop and NRJ at rope drop back to back so I am sure that will be our plan.

How early should we be there? Is 8 early enough?

What time should I schedule my FP+ for? Which rides run out the fastest?

8 will be fine for arrival for a 9 oclock open. Just watch for park hour changes in case they pull the rug out from under you :wink:

Use this to see which ones are best to get:

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For a CL 4 day it looks like you’ll want to book:

Adventurer’s Outpost (? Unclear as it isn’t yellowed out as unavailable but also does not list a time at which it runs out; neither does it say a day ahead or whatever like other parks)
Lion King (debatable due to size of theater, esp on low crowd day)
Nemo (debatable due to size of theater, esp on low crowd day)
Everest (unless you want to do single rider, then pass on this one)
It’s Tough to be a Bug (debatable due to size of theater, esp on low crowd day)
Kali River Rapids
Primeval Whirl

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Thank you so much!!

Excellent information! I am tracking those days so I will get notified of the change in hours or CL.

What is the earliest I should book my first one? 10am?

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Did you do a TP - if you do one for that day it should give you an idea of the wait time in the morning so you can plan your first FPP
Also - don’t completely discount getting a FPP, when I was planning a trip last August, I couldn’t get one at 60+1, but I kept looking and at about 40 days I picked one up.
For a trip in Jan I got one at 60+5, which was the day I was going to AK so I didn’t try for any earlier

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