FP for a group

Greetings! I am looking for advice how best to schedule FP for a group.

I am familiar about using FP as a couple but this is my first time planning for a group. We are a group of 9 (6 adults, 3 children) travelling under two WDW reservations. Each of the adults have an MDE account and we are all sharing our plans. We have ADRs scheduled (in order) for MK, EP/AK, rest day, MK, HS.

Is the following scenerio possible:

On Day-60, Adult #1 schedules the group FP for MK (3 FP’s); Adult #2 schedules the Group FP for EP (another 3 FPs), .etc . .etc? OR, is each individual in the party limited to only 3 FP’s at a time?.

I think I know what the answers will be but maybe I can get a better strategy that doing one day at a time.

Thank you all in advance.


Each member will be linked in MDE by their resort reservation and ticket. If one person schedules FPs for everyone no one else will be able to schedule any without changing the first ones- you are limited to 3. Is that what you are asking?

Yes. I was hoping it was just by their reservation/ticket and the adult on the other reservation would schedule another 3 FPs for a different park. Guess they don’t allow that.

Thanks for the help.

I have the same question and am hoping to do the same thing. At 60 days out I want to schedule FP for day 1 of vacation at MK for the group and have another person schedule FP for day 2 of vacation at EP. We both want to log in at 7 am on the same morning and do these two days worth of FP. I think that’s what the OP was asking but I may be wrong.

I’m not real clear on the question, but to clarify: whoever the FP are for, can only have 3 per day made in advance, no matter who makes them, plus those 3 have to all be in the same park. It doesn’t matter if person A makes them for everyone and for only day 1, and person B makes them for everyone for only day 2, or if person A makes all of them for everyone for both days 1 and 2. Each person can only have 3 for themself in MK day 1, 3 in EP day 2, 3 in MK day 4, and 3 in HS day 5, for instance. I hope that helps explain things a bit.

Thanks, it does.