FP+ FOP then Park Hop

At 60+6 (in mid Sept) I’ll likely get FOP around 9:00 - 10:30. If I EMH at 7:00 or 7:30, knock out some rides using Stand by Que, use my 1 FP+ for FOP, then Park Hop to MK, How many FP+ can I get after tapping in at FOP?

Or would I be better off RD FOP, and getting 3 FP+ for MK (at my 60 Day Window)? How early to RD?


You can get 2 at MK as soon as you tap into FOP. There are generally lots of FPs left same day at MK, but if you want 7DMT, or to a lesser extent the mountains, then I’d book the 3 there. If you’re fine skipping 7DMT or getting in line at park close, then getting FOP will work.

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Thank you. How early would you suggest RD for FOP (EMH 7:00 a.m.)?

I worry that Mountains (not including 7DMT - definitely gone) would all be gone or very late ride times after I tap in at FOP.

I want to make sure we ride FOP, and at 60+1 it may not be available, but at 60+6 it likely will, very confused. :frowning:

I have got Space and Splash same day, but yes they were late afternoon.

I’ve never done a 7am opening, but I’d want to be there by 6.15 I would say.