FP expectations for FOP

My FP window opens tomorrow at 8 a.m. (CST). My first instinct/attempt will be to try for FP for FOP on our last day, Sunday, Dec. 1. What are the chances of scoring 3 FP for that morning? I understand that FP for FOP are extremely tough to get. Any thoughts, suggestions? Thanks.

Assuming your trip is at least 4 days long, i’d say you’ve got great odds.

I’ve gotten it in similar circumstances. The other thing you may consider as a backup plan is going for an early NRJ if FOP is not available. Then either RD FOP or try for a same day drop. I prefer that as my backup in lieu of having a really late FPP.

Right now they show availability for Sunday morning. However, I have a question. You say 8 am CST, but that does not seem right. If you are in an area that does not change to Daylight Savings time I think your fast pass window will open at 7 am. For those on daylight savings time in the central time zone they would be able to start at 6am. I may be wrong, but it is 6:17 pm there right now. Is it 7:17 where you are?

8AM CST is 9AM CDT. If they truly are somewhere that doesn’t switch (pretty limited, I think), then they would start at 5AM CST, which is 6AM CDT (7AM EDT), assuming 7AM EDT, which is Disney time right now is the correct time. I can never remember if it is always 7AM Disney time or if the Disney IT system does not switch to daylight savings

If I stayed on standard time it would be 7:26 here now. One hour later than it is right now. She picks tomorrow so it opens at 7 am here. CDT is 6 so for those who do not spring ahead it would be.

No. Youre right I think

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Should be one hour earlier. I am on CDT right now. It is 5:30PM. We will turn the clocks BACK one hour in November to go to CST, which means if I turned the clock back 1 hour right now to go to CST it would be 4:30PM.

Right. So the time does need to be adjusted, just further the other way. No matter what it is not 8am. We used to drive through Indiana, and Illinois and Ohio on vacation when I was a kid. We lived on Eastern time, and my parents always insisted on us using the time in whichever states it was that did not change. It messed with our head because we were on our way to Kansas and that was going to be CDT.

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Unless they’re in Nova Scotia :grin:

I grew up in northwest Indiana. We were on eastern standard time year round. In the winter we were on the same time as the rest of Indiana, in the summer we were on Chicago time. It was ridiculous.


I easily got a mid-day FOP FP for 5 people at 60+2. Was still lots of times available.

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Thanks for all the responses … I’m in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and we do put clocks ahead in the spring … we are one hour back of Eastern time … so if FP window opens at 7 am Eastern time, that’s 8 am here, right?

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Are you messing with us?



If you wait until 8am you might not get a morning FPP or even an afternoon one depending on how many people will be picking tomorrow. There were still late morning FoP FPP on my dY, and I was on and ready at 7 and could not get one until 2:00 in the afternoon for my 60+4 day. Which we are good with because of the timing of our FoLK dp.

My FP day was this past Tuesday for Thanksgiving Week I got FOP for my 3rd day with no trouble. Was even able to modify it within the first 30 minutes before they were all gone. I was on my computer about 3 minutes before 7. I was logged in and even had my party selected. i kept refreshing until the November calendar came up. Have the day and date in your head so not to slow you down.

Sorry … 6 am my time tomorrow … don’t know what I was thinking. Alarm set for 5:30. Thanks for all the suggestions, advice, etc.


Good luck! Hope you get all the FPP you’re trying for!

Good luck. :wink:

A follow up … Disney’s system would not let me into the FP selection until 6:05 … assuming there was a lot of traffic. Generally pleased with how my 5 days’ of selections played out. My biggest concern was FOP and that turned out to be the best … got 9:25 on Dec. 1.
Wednesday, Nov 27 was more problematic … 7DMT was unavailable all day! Was able to secure late morning/early afternoon for PC, TMRR and PPF. Nov 28 - 30 offered better selections and times, and I booked pretty much what and when I wanted. Secured a 7DMT on Nov 30, late morning. All in all, and being a first timer with the online FP selections, largely content. Was also able to modify a couple FP to better fit our schedule.


Keep trying. I have had success modifying between 45 and 60 days out. I got 7DMT at about 50 days.

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