FP+ during MVMCP

Today is my day to book FP and I am unable to book any during the party. We are not using our park hopping passes this day. Just having dinner and attending MVMCP. I know that they say little to no wait, but I am having a bear of time getting FP for this trip and dinner reservations, so I am losing faith in this statement. It is making me a little cuckoo for coco puffs. Any experience with this? This is our first Disney trip in 7 years and we have never done any of the after hours hard ticketed parties

It seems that Disney is in the process of disallowing FPP on party tickets. Check this thread: WATCH OUT-- party Ticket FP on same profile as regular ticket FP

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When you say “during the party” what times are you trying for? You can’t make them for the actual party, just between 4 and the start of the party.

Is there still the doubt over the 6 vs 7 start time, as in the discrepancy between the Halloween and Christmas parties? Can’t remember which was starting when, but I wonder if that’s affecting it…

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Book all your other days first. Then go back and book the party day but as @jcgoblue said there could be issues. People have experienced their last day of FP getting cancelled. It is inconsistent and yes as @Nickysyme said the MVMCP entrance time is also a unknown this year. If it works as it did historically then you can book 3:30,4:30,5:30. No FP during the official party hours

THANK YOU! y’all are a huge help! I did figure out while playing with stuff to book all my others first then do the party. It took me embarrassingly long to figure that one out. Nickysyme you hit the nail on the head. I was able to book FP+ during the grace window of 4-6. Just not for the party. I wasn’t sure if it was just me or that Disney didn’t have FP+ available for the actual party. So now I am feeling better about what I was able to accomplish and I shall calm my neurotic self down!

Glad to help.

BTW, neurotic is a common state to be in at some point in planning; it will pass… !


It does…when!!! :joy:


I heard it happens …