FP day tomorrow--how hard is getting Star Tours?

How difficult might it be to get Star Tours for 6 people at 60 + 1 for high crowd time? Just wondering how high on my list to prioritize it…

In all the reading I’ve been doing, I haven’t seen it mentioned as difficult anywhere. I haven’t been to wdw in a couple years and haven’t had my FP dsy for my next trip yet, so I’m just going off what I’ve seen online. If it were me, Star Tours would be in my “least urgent” category.

I was asking since it’s now the only tier 2 ride. We’ve actually done it before and it won’t be too bad if we don’t get it, but I know my kids would prefer a ride to 2 FP shows.

It’s not even tracked over at The Dibb where they monitor anything that’s hard to get at 30 days. So you’re probably good?

I’m a party of six visiting in early October. I had no trouble booking Star Tours 60 days out, and there is still availability even now.

I’ve checked for 6 people for the next 30 days and less and there’s availability from around lunch time till the evening. I don’t think you’ll have any problem booking it at 61 days unless you’re aiming at a particular time, even if it’s during a busy period. I would book it after the other headliners for sure

Looks like plenty is available even at 30 days.


Star Tours is very easy to get from what I’ve seen/done. It’s Slinky Dog Dash that’s the difficult one. If you really want to ride it, I would definitely prioritize it (I mean, why wouldn’t ya?) but it’s not like you need to stress over it.

I do think that it was assumed it was going to be the hardest one to get since EVERYONE would book it as one of their Teir 2s since it was the only “ride” on that list. But like others have said, that wasn’t my experience either! I think it just has giant capacity and isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

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Thanks everyone. I easily got it for my whole party of 6 for the time slot I wanted even. You are right that there was tons of availability. What I did not get was slinky dog, FOP, or SDMT for the one person who wanted them. Oh well.

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Just easily got it at 60+2 for the week before Thanksgiving. Got it after TSM at like 10:45. I even modified it after making all the other reservations for the trip, so it’s easy to get.

Keep trying! I couldn’t get FOP for 1 person at the 60 day mark, but I finally found one 3 weeks later. We’ve also been trying to modify our 7DMT for 2 people to an earlier time. I haven’t seen anything early, but in the 4 weeks since our FP day 7DMT has come up 6 or 7 times for 5 pm or later.

Yes, keeper trying. I got a late morning 7DMT for 3 people at about 50 days out.