FP+ day outcome (Slinky vs FoP and other musings)

Fp+ 60 days this morning. Disney website worked really well, absolutely no issues. I had absolutely no problem getting good times for FoP at 60 +5 and 60 + 6 which was a big relief. However, I was surprised (and a bit disappointed) that there was absolutely nothing available for Slinky !!! It was at 60 + 2 and 60 + 4 so I was pretty confident I’d get something but nope. Got everything else I wanted at all the parks so I’m still pretty happy.

In conclusion, don’t worry too much about FoP if you go to AK late in your trip but keep in mind that Slinky is hard to get !


How many people were you booking for? I’m also hoping for SDD at 60+4, so I’m very interested in this. Were no times available all day? Or just not ones you could use?

It was only for 3 people and there were no times available at all, all day, for both days… :frowning:

I did mine last Saturday, and pretty much got what I wanted. No Slinkies for me, either, but I might try for it on the EMH day.

I had my AK day planned a few days into the trip, and got my FOP at 9:30. I wanted a straight 9am, but I’ll take it. I targeted my AK fastpasses first overall, and then worked through toughest to easiest for each park day. After I got close enough to exactly what I wanted, I went back and tried to modify to get EXACTLY what I wanted, and it worked out VERY well. I modified my earliest to try to get earlier, and if something was avail - the other two seemed to fall right into place.

Now for Adr’s…(I don’t worry too much about them - thanks, Reservation Finder!) Already used it to get the BOG PPO - same day I set up FP. Unless you’re getting the super tough ADR’S, and there are only a few, I think the whole 180 madness is just silly.

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Wow–I was thinking 60+4 wouldn’t be a problem, but I guess I was wrong. I tried 60+2 for Oct but no luck, but my next trip isn’t until spring so maybe things will change.

Exactly like you ! I am currently fine-tuning my daily plans and I modified a few FPs to get it just right. It’s shaping out really well and even though I didn’t get Slinky overall I’m really happy !

My FP day is Thursday. We’re going to HS on 60+5, 4 people in our party. I guess SDD FP’s are looking pretty grim. Back up plan is TSSM, ugh. I will be so upset if they ate available on 60+6. Just trying to decide if rearranging my ADR’s is worth it when that’s not guaranteed either.

I am in a group of 3 and I wasn’t able to get Slinky FP on 60+7, but I did get a 9:55am on 60+10, which is our last day. I’m hoping we will ride it before then, but I grabbed that just in case. We are traveling 9/16-9/26. Just wanted give that insight as people are looking at 60+4. Looks to be slim pickings. I was easily able to snag a FoP FP at 60+4 if that helps :woman_shrugging:


Not even on 60+7 for 3 people at any time!!! --that seems crazy as it seems that most people onsite don’t even stay for 8 days. Not saying that it isn’t true (I believe you), it just seems so unlikely. Is it a super slow loading ride? Seems like they must be issuing a very small fraction of FPP for that ride compared to others. Crazy. Will be interesting to follow over the next few months.

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I got SDD at 60+5 in the middle of the afternoon, but there were more than that available. We have a thread with a theory somewhere that Disney is freezing some FPP for releases at othe rmoments. It sounds truer and truer

How long ago did you get them? I only tried 60+2 and 60+3 for my short Oct trip but none were available.

I don’t like the idea of Disney holding SDD FPP out for later release unless the times become predictable only to Liners :laughing:


I Picked my FPP at the end of July for a trip in three weeks.

Ok I think I know the answer but want to be sure as FPP is coming up still have a while but I’m very meticulous bout 'll this or try to be. We have 15 people going 4 in our room DW,DS x2 and myself. I have the main account for our family but wife has ine and is linked she can see ADRs room tix etc. On FPP day can she try fir all 4 of us in different days t same time I am trying for others? Example can I try to book 60+7 while she goes fir arrival day or would she be better off going say 60 +5 to begin with?

Thanks for this info. Just curious…what time were you able to get FoP on your 60+4? That’s the day I’m shooting for as well (and it is the last day of our trip).

I got it from 4pm-5pm, but that is because we won’t be in Animal Kingdom that day until our Tiffins reservation at 5 so I grabbed that to do before dinner. I’m pretty sure there were more times available. Hope that helps!

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I wanted to update that I had to re-arrange my ADR’s to get SDD FP’s. There were no SDD for 60+5. I was able to get 4 on 60+6 mid-day though.