FP Day Lessons

  1. Wow, either the projections were way off on Dibb or something because there were no SDD passes at 7am when I got on despite it being green on Dibb.

  2. Website decided to keep telling me that I was too early despite it being 7am, so I was happy I had my phone next to me. Did ALL my FP booking on my phone.

  3. Was able to book fast passes for whole party including family members who arrive later in the traveling week. Easy for me to get mine train for all of us!

Sad about missing out on SDD pass. Guess I’m rope dropping it.


I had the same issue with HS and the Dibb. It was accurate for everything else but there were no SDD on my first HS day when it said there were, and it showed availability for TOT on that day for at least a week after FP day but MDE had no availability at all.


Darn, well at least I wasnt the only one thrown off. I grabbed midway mania and I’ll do standby for SDD at ropedrop.


Yes, you’ll be ok!

Because I will be attempting to do the same thing for family also arriving later, mind if I ask for more details? Does your family arriving later in the week have a package deal (room and tickets) or just tickets only? I have heard some say it makes a difference. I am hoping I have the same success you did!

Sure - happy to help. Both groups have packages and were already linked through my disney expereince.

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What day of your trip is HS?

Day 3. A little sad that I didn’t get the FP, but we’ll figure it out. I’ve got 2 young kids, so we arent going to be waiting for the other top tier rides so we can do standby.

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So I assume that is January 8th then? We will be at HS that day too. We got a SDD FP for that day because it was our 7th day of our trip.

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Unfortunately, when dibb shows green availability it can also be that there’s as little as one single availability for max 4 people. Given how MDE works it can be that you are never shown that FP because it’s “pre-reserved” for someone else.
I think Dibb should always be paired with TouringPlans FP availability page (even if it searches for only one person) to have an idea of how many FP times are left

Yea, I had only checked dibb before my FP window opened. I got everything else I wanted and in the time slot that I wanted. So having to wait for one ride isn’t bad - especially in HS where there isn’t much for my young kiddos to do anyway. We have the time to kill anyway,

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