FP+ change in booking times?

So, I received my 2018 Ultimate Guide a couple of days ago and as I have been reading it has mentioned 2x already that FP+ booking opens at 12 am 60 days out for resort guests. From my last trip, I thought booking opened at 7 am. Does anyone know if this is a change for 2018, did I misunderstand before, or am I just reading it wrong?

Not 15 minutes ago, I just paged through the checklist on touringplans.com and it said 7am eastern. My 60 day mark isn’t for a while yet, but I’m trusting that to be accurate

Time changed 5/18/2016 from midnight to 7:00 a.m. per http://blog.touringplans.com/2016/05/18/disney-makes-change-to-fastpass-reservations/. @len - this didn’t get changed for the 2018 book?

Argh. I’ll check. It’s 7 a.m. Thanks for the heads-up.

Thanks for the info everyone. My 60 days isn’t for several months, but I want to be sure I’m ready at the right time. @len - I have the kindle version of the book if that helps

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