FP+ beyond 14 days

With a WDW hotel reservation, one can book 14 days max of Faspasses. When does the window open to book day 15 and beyond?

Once you book the first 14 days, then on the next day, day 15 will open up and so on. Until you reach the end of your ticket entitlement.

You can hold more than 14 days worth of FPs, they only let you book 14 at once, then a rolling window.

Oh wow. I thought the most you could hold at one time was 14 days! Not that I will ever be in a position to need so many at once ha!

Nickysyme is correct … for the most in-depth discussion on FP+ I have ever come across, visit this discussion board:

I have had 17 days worth on my last trip. The longest I’ve been for is 21 days, but that was in 2012 before FP+.