FP before MVMCP

I just read on undercover tourist that you can not book FP between 4-6 pm on a party ticket alone. Isn’t that incorrect information?

Officially, Disney says something like “a party ticket is not valid ticket media for booking FPs”.

In practice, it is usuallly possible. There were some reports of problems, but difficult to establish just how common and why exactly.

The safest way is to book your other days of FPs first. If the system then allows you to book FPs for the party day with the party ticket, then go ahead. If it doesn’t, or you later get an email warning you they may be cancelled, you cannot complain to Disney as they will simply refer you to the official stance.

Consistency is their middle name, after all! :joy:


That is incorrect information. But there can be problems if you have a regular ticket on the same profile as your party ticket. Safest bet is to put party ticket on a separate “dummy” MDE profile from regular tickets OR don’t try to book FP with your party ticket. There are a couple of forum posts about last day of FP being cancelled.

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So we have 2d ph tickets and a party ticket. Plan is park day, party day, park day. I would be bummed if they cancelled my last day of FP. I’ve never made a dummy account before though. I would have to look up how to do it. I thought Disney was locking accounts if there was a dummy MDE but is that only if you didn’t have a park ticket for that day? Would I need other magic bands?
I may just book my regular park days and then the party day and see what happens. :crossed_fingers:t2: