FP available at MK during EMH?

Going at end of Feb and will be at MK on a Thurs-EMH, hopefully at RD. Figured I’d use FPs on 7D, PP, and SM that day, but not sure where to put them. Want to try to take advantage of standbys with small lines bc so early, but also want to wrap up FPs so I can try for more later. What would you suggest? We will be mostly in Tomorrowland and Fantasyland that day. TP suggested 8:30 FP for PP, 10:01 for SM, and 10:38 for 7D. (Does that mean 9:30-10:30 FP for SM and 10:30-11:30 for 7D?) For some reason I thought there were no FPs in the 8-9 window. I just hate to plan for it and then go in to signup in a couple days and there isn’t an EMH at 8:30. Any thoughts would be so appreciated!

It’s a bug in the TP software that suggests FP+ during EMH. We’re working on it, just don’t want to release new software over the holidays.