FP+ availability with a conflict


So today was my FP+ day and it went well. Trying to modify a handful of things.

I want to switch the times of KS and EE at AK. It almost seems like when I modify KS, MDE only gives me times where my other FP+ don’t conflict. Is it just a coincidence? When ADRs conflict, MDE allows you the option to cancel or continue.

I don’t want to have to risk giving up my FP+ for EE just to see if there is a better time for KS.

You can’t at any moment have 2 concurrent FPs. You have to drop EE if you want a KS time that shares even 5 minutes with the other FP window.

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I understand that you can’t have them at concurrent times. But I’m asking if MDE won’t even show available times that conflict with other FP+s, and give me the option of cancelling the conflict.

Yeah, that is how it works! It’s different than ADRs.


Oh, sorry I misunderstood the question. I had the exact same frustrations 3 weeks ago, I did not see any way of seeing available times in that same window without cancelling the concurrent FP. It does suck. :frowning_face:

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I can’t check right now as I don’t have ticket media but it used to put a blue box around the times that conflicted with what you already have booked but it would still show them. Click modify on EE or KS and select the time you want. See if the times show with the blue box.

I don’t believe MDE shows any FP availability that will clash with any existing FPs. That’s why juggling the FP Order can be tricky, because you will need to cancel one to see what else may be available.

Possibly changed with the 2016 change to MDE and FP.


The only thing you can really do is modify your FPs. You won’t be able to just switch your FP time without cancelling one of them. You can modify one of your FPs to earlier or later in the day and then modify the other one to the time you want and adjust as needed.

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Are you trying on a phone? It may be worth it to try on a computer. I don’t know if it would be any different, but it’s worth a shot!

I just checked my FP+ on a desktop and no, it does not seem to be showing options that conflict with other FP+.

I changed some FP+ 1-2 weeks ago and at that time I think it was showing me conflicting FP+.

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It does that when you’re in the process of making your 3 FP+, but not when you modify. In other words, to see that, I’d have to cancel one temporarily. That seems to be the concensus.

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MDE does not show times for a FP you already have unless you are trying to modify that FP. So if you have KS, EE and FOP as FPs, when you modify EE, it will not show times for KS or FOP because you already have FPs for them. The reason being is that MDE will not let you book 2 different times for the same attraction in one day for your first 3 FPs. You will have to either cancel one or try the method I posted above.

I was able to do this the other day too…I wanted to swap two of my times so I just moved one to a later time when I had no FPs booked, and then modified them until I got both times close to what I wanted. I didn’t want to completely cancel in case then nothing would show up.

I was in the park a couple weeks ago and the phone app I was using definitely showed available times that conflicted with my existing FPP, I just couldn’t select them. I think it showed the available times darker, or gray, or something a little different in color.

You might see if this process will work. It’s made for potentially changing your park but it’s worth a try. I am not sure what is working with the new MDE magical enhancements :rofl: How to check for FP availability in another park without losing the current FP selections

I swapped out several FPs yesterday on both my desktop and the app and could definitely see all available FPs even if the times conflicted. As someone else said, it showed those that conflicted with a blue outline around that time, but I could still choose them. Maybe this is yet another MDE glitch!

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Also remember that when you search for a FPP, you don’t see ALL available times, just a selection of available times. That is why refreshing the choices often will show you different available times.