FP+ availability in the evening

if we use our last FP at 5:30 in MK are there still FP available after 6pm? People have told incredible stories about using refresh and the rolling fastpasses just wondering if it applies in the evenings as well…we tend to ropedrop and then leave from 11:39-4:30…thanks as always!!!

I think that depends on the date and crowds. Often there are FPs available later especially for attractions like Buzz or Winnie the Pooh.


This chart will show you when FPP typically run out for attractions at MK based on crowd level:

Thank you! I think we will stick to making 1 before 11 and 2 for 4:30 and 5:30 and hope for the best!!! Thanks again!

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On Nov. 3, 4 and 6 I managed to get several evening Fastpasses at MK. Just keep on refreshing the app (like dozens and dozens of times). In those 3 days, we got between 5-10 BTMR, Splash and Space and each of these 3 nights we got 7DMT. Tap somewhere, refresh app many many times while walking in the FP queue, book, repeat at next ride. It worked incredibly well for us.

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This trick also worked well to get ToT and RnRC at HS and for EE at AK.


  1. First and foremost: Don’t stop refreshing. If you quit, you won’t get ANY. Availability depends on crowd levels and who cancels fastpasses. Every second, there could be a new fastpass available. If you are not looking at the app to snag it, someone else could.

  2. Unless you have a full schedule between your fp times, once you tap in for a fp, try to modify your next to an earlier time, so you can start using the app to get more fp’s after your initial prescheduled fp’s. So, if you have your 3 fp set up as 4-5, 5-6, 6-7, and you have the flexibility, once tou tap in for fp#1, try to modify your next fp to an earlier time. If that can work for you, then you COULD be done with fp#3 MUCH sooner than 6-7, and then you can start looking for the additional fp’s. I try to schedule low line stuff at night, so we can hunt for high demand fp’s, and not really worry too much about skipping things like Tiki Room, or Country Bears, things like that.

  3. Have someone dedicated to checking the app, or take turns. KNOW what you want, so if it pops up, you GRAB it without hesitation. It’s better to grab something and hang on and modify it if you’re not sure, than to miss it because you hesitated. Remember, you’re not the only one hunting FP’s. It’s you and thousands of your closest friends that can be on the hunt.

  4. See #1 and #3 again.

  5. See #4 again.

  6. If you ever get discouraged, see #5 again.

On our first trip, I planned our 3 fp’s around our touring plan, and we had a great trip. Smooth as silk. I ONLY checked a few times for 4th fp’s and only saw shows like Philharmagic, and muppets - things like that, so I just went with the flow of our TP.

On our 2nd trip, using the knowledge I gained from this board and another, we CRUSHED FP’s. 9, 10, 11, same day FP’s. It didn’t take much effort, BUT, when you are checking, you have to be diligent. It helps to have another adult take the lead and keep kids occupied while you are glued to your phone. That way, you can concentrate on the task at hand, and be ready to POUNCE.


Hi everyone,
Thank you so much for your help!!! The last time we went we were at at MVMCP so I haven’t had the chance to try this! Thank you for walking me through it step by step! We leave in 112 days so I’ll let you know how it goes!!!
Thanks again!