FP+ at 7am on 3/11

My 60 day out window for FP+ selections start tomorrow at 7am. Super excited. It’s my first time. I think I have everything down but a bit concerned things won’t go smoothly. My laptop is older and a tad slow but the MDE app on my smartphone seems to be faster. I’ll have both charged and ready to go. Guess my biggest concern is FEA @ Epcot. We will be there 5/11 and was hoping for a late morning FP+. We are splitting up the day at Epcot 8am-1pm>then afternoon break @ resort>back at Epcot for 5pm. Evening is all planned out with ADR and such so I m really counting on an a.m. FP+. Wish me luck.

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When we booked at 60 days out there were tons of FEA options. You should be okay. Good luck tomorrow!

Thanks mossmacl.

Agree, you will be fine! Our trip is in 2.5 weeks and just last week I changed our FEA time, and there were quite a few times available that day for a party of 3. I was surprised! At 60 days out you will probably see FEA every day, if not all days of your trip.

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On at 7:00 am and earliest time for FEA was 4:00pm. So I just altered the plans and we’ll be hitting FEA after the afternoon break as our first ride around 5:00pm.